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Unfolding multiple conical sheet metal part

Question asked by David Rehm on Dec 31, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by Peter Edmonds

This is my first time posting, I hope I have the correct area.


I have a multi piece conical section that I need to add holes to in the flattened state. 


picture a tappered wing section built with several arc and flat sections pieced together.  The pattern will be wrapped around ribs.


It flattens perfectly, but when I add holes in the flat, they do not translate to the bend section.  The sketch and holes turn black in the feature tree and they are suppressed. 


So I tried to use unfold.  It does not work for all the bends, if fact sometimes it won't collet all the bends and is very inconsistant. 


It seems like I must be missing something obvious as this is not a very complicated part. 


Attached is a practice part I was using to figure this out.  I would appreciate any help.