Joel Rapoport

whats the best way to model this?

Discussion created by Joel Rapoport on Jan 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2012 by John Layne

hello all,



im working on this model and im not getting the results im looking for.

i tried to split the model into 2 parts (top and bottom) and loft between then but in not getting as smooth results as i want, and im getting all kinds of strange bumps from the surface lofts that its hard to control.

its a stugle between making a lot of guides, and getting smooth parts with the sape that i want...

it this the best way to model this form? how would you do it or split it?


i have to say that there is another part of the model that i havent done yet, and it should continue the form on the bottom side.


i have looked at the freeform videos on youtube and they seem amazing, allthough i have never used it. can it help me out?


any help will be great,

thanks in advance,