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PDM Workgroup Install... No Start Menu Shortcuts

Question asked by Paul Younker on Dec 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2012 by Paul Younker

Thought I would go through the tutorials for the Workgroup PDM for 2012 S01.


Followed the instructions for installing the server, all seemed to go without incident.

Next step go to Start, Solidworks 2012, PDM management and guess what? No shortcuts!

None in the start menu or Desktop.

I tried repair of the installation etc to no avail.


Could someone tell me:

a.) with default installation where the program is to start the server

b.) what the program name is.


Creating my own shortcuts is no big deal, just need to know where and what.


I'm running SolidWorks Pro, Windows 7, 64bit version.

Solidworks is functioning fine, I just need the above info in order to run the server app, log in and move forward.


Thanks for any help.