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Get Version error - missing versions.

Question asked by Tom Rendon on Dec 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2012 by Tom Rendon

I'm running into a situation and need some advice/input.  I will begin by saying there was a harddrive crash last summer and some data was lost in that crash.  This could be related to that crash, but I would like to ensure I am seeing and looking for everything I ought to be.


User right-clicks on a file and selects a version to get.  The Get Version box appears for about 20 seconds or so, but no movement happens in the progress bar.  After about 20 seconds or so, an error appears saying


"SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Arichive Server on the File Vault Computer has not been started." followed by the filepath/name.


Clicking OK makes the error go away and another one appears saying


"Error getting missing reference to local cache

Description = 'could not connect to Archive Server.'."



The Archive/Database servers were restarted to ensure proper communication between them and the users.  The error still persisted.  This was repeated at multiple computers at multiple locations (different cities).


This happens only on particular versions of particular files.  There is one file with 11 versions and it happens on two of them (11 and 9), but all other versions are fine.  I searched the SQL database to find the documentID of the impacted files (which is convert that to a hexidecimal to find the file on the File Archive server) and to capture the LatestRevisionNo.  Looking on the File Archive server for these particular files, the version information in the index.xml files does not match the LatestRevisionNo from the SQL database (i.e. if LatestRevisionNo = 4, only 3 revisions are listed in the index.xml file).  The number of SolidWorks files in the File Archive directory match the index.xml list and not the SQL list.



These versions were lost in the harddrive crash. 



Is this a reasonable conclusion or should I look for something else?

How to best handle this situation? Rollback to the last working previous version since checking out a file requires getting the latest version, which cannot be done for these files?



Hopes all that makes sense.  I'm still new to EPDM admin and sometimes the terms get confusing to me.  My head is still spinning


Thanks in advance.