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    Halp! View changes between modes

    Mitch Barrie

      I recently upgraded to SolidWorks 2012 32bit and experienced enough of a performance lag that I bought a 64bit PC with Windows 7 64bit and re-installed Solidworks 64.  The preformance increase is nice, but now I have another, very perplexing issue.


      Every time I change modes (eg, go into and out of sketch mode, or edit a feature) I lose the graphics view.  The screen goes blank.  I can restore it by right-clicking and selecting View.  Then it goes back to (almost) normal.  When the screen is blank, I can see that in fact what has happened is the graphics window has squashed itself down at the bottom, just out of view.


      Like this:


      See how my toolbars are gone and there is something (a sketch, I think) at the bottom of the screen.


      I restore the view by clicking View, though I'm not sure what View really is supposed to do:


      Once the view is restored, a vertical space is added at the top.  Every time I go through this (every time I change modes), more space is added.  Here you can see the space I am talking about after about three instances of this:



      Can anyone tell me what is going on and how I can fix it?

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          Scott McFadden


          I have had this happen to me.  Once I loaded my settings from the copy settings wizard it went away.

          Beyond that I have no idea.  So, I hope you have saved your settings.

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            John Sweeney

            Hi Mitch,

            I've seen this mentioned before on the forums and we are investigating it.  I believe your registry has somehow gotten out of sync with regard to the CommandManager dock position.  We use two registry keys to keep track of where the CommandManager is located (docked left, docked top, docked right or floating).  One of these keys is maintained by Microsoft and one is maintained by us.  I believe the issue here is that one registry key believes the CommandMgr is docked to the left or right side, while the other registry key believes it is docked to the top.  So, when the height of the top toolbar area is calculated, it uses the height of the commandManager as if it were docked to the left or right (which would be the full SW window height).  So, the grey area you see is atually dead toolbar space.


            My suggestion to fix the issue on your machine would be to use Tools-Customize-Toolbars and the "Reset to Default" option, or you could manually rename the registry key below if you want to avoid losing any of your other toolbar customizations:


                HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2012\User Interface\CommandManager


            Try renaming the registry key above (using the RegEdit program from command line) or try renaming the "Dock State" registry value found inside the key above.


            If you are not familiar with manually changing the registry, they you should probably stick with the "Tools-Customize" suggestion.


            Best Regards,


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                Mitch Barrie

                Thanks, John.  It took me a while to get back to you because this forum software is nearly as buggy as SolidWorks and it wouldn't let me login over the holiday.


                Anyway, I tried your suggestion regarding the Tools-Customize-Toolbars and the "Reset to Default" option, and it seemed to work for the extra space at the top of the screen.  However, I am still getting a blank screen between modes, which is FAR more frustrating.  Imagine if every time you entered a feature or edited a sketch you had to reset the view; and every time you exited the sketch or feature you had to reset the view.


                Also, the Tools-Customize menu is grayed out unless there is a document loaded.  So is this document-specific?


                SolidWorks 2012 is essentially unsable for me right now.


                I opened RegEdit and found the keys you mentioned and while I have no experiecne editing the register I don't mind doing so.  But you suggested i rename the keys.  Rename them to what?


                Is there another support route I can use to get this resolved?  My livelihood sort of depends on getting this fixed as the software is nearly unsuable right now.


                God, I hate upgrading.  I am very sorry I let a contractor I am using talk me into it.  First I had to buy a new computer and now it won't even work.