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Hiding Sub-Components in Animations

Question asked by David Suelflow on Dec 30, 2011

I have an assembly which contains 33 sub-assemblies, 16 of one, 16 of another and 1 orphan.  Each of these sub-assemblies contains 10-15 parts.  I would like to create an animation where the parts of the sub-assemblies disappear over time.  For example, at second 1 I would like “Nut <1>” to hide in all instances of its sub-assembly, then at second 2 I would like “Washer <1>” to hide in all instances of its sub-assembly, and so on.  When I step through, second by second, and hiding of parts all looks good, but when I save or close/open the Motion Manager, it is as if it has forgot all my settings.  The change bars are there and the key pop-ups say the correct settings but the item does not go hidden.  If you expand the Appearances section of the Feature Manager and expand the sub-assemblies the show/hide icon still has it as “show” and it looks greyed out (although you can click it on/off).  Can the show/hide status of parts of a sub-assembly be controlled individually?  It looks like the show/hide status of the sub-assembly is overriding that of its parts.


MM Hide 01.jpg