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"Starwars" titling techniques?

Question asked by Francis Leach on Dec 30, 2011

Dear Solidworkers


I am making a Starwars spoof movie for "Motorhead" friend of mine based on his interest in drag racing in the UK, he is to be called "P4WL" and his sons "T1EM" & "4D4M".

I would really appreciate help  with a solidworks "flyby" technique for making a "Star Wars" type movie of the opening dialogue which scrolls text forward, with high perspective.

The file is attached. A good outcome would be a title that scrolls up and away from the camera with an elapse time of 2 or 3 minutes. I had hoped to use a solidworks "Lego" car model as a "fly in" over the head of the camera position. 


I would also like the idea of a star field background that does not move as the


I do believe solidworks could deliver some amazing effects once I can get my head round the complexities.


Thank you all in anticipation.


Francis Leach