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Is Toolbox 2012 Dead?

Question asked by James French on Dec 28, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by Sheldon Wong

This is my last resource for help.  Since 2012 release, there has been a significant change to Toolbox.  It seems that there is just NO WAY to upgrade and exisiting Toolbox (2011 or earlier) to the new 2012 format.  I've contacted my reseller several times, and they have no idea what is going on with the software.  Previously (2011 and earlier), the customized data (Part Numbers, Materials, colors, etc) were all saved in an access database file.  This has been a terrific way to handle the Toolbox Library.  Unfortunately, now Solidworks has decided to "separate" the information now.  The way I understand things is that all of that "customized data" will be embedded into the 'Metadata' for each toolbox component.


The problem is that the conversion of old eToolbox Custom Data is NOT being translated into the new 2012 format.  Does anyone know how to convert and existing Customized (2011 version or earlier) Toolbox to the new 2012 format?  I saw this was an issue with 2012 SP0, but have acutally seen that Solidworks considers this issue closed with SP1.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  I've used both data translation tools for Toolbox (SldToolBoxConfigure.exe and UpdateBrowser.exe) and neither one does much of anything.  The UpdateBrowser, actually upgrades the access database file and the SldToolBoxConfigure sort of does really nothing from what I can see.  When I try to Configure Toolbox after using these tools, the whole program acts like it's corrupted.  The Standards, and subfolders seem to be grayed out and nothing really works right.


However, if I just use the 'Vanilla Toolbox' that is installed from Solidworks (the one with no customization) everything seems to work fine.  And I would use this, but there are months and months of data entry in the old Customized Toolbox that I'll have to redo.  NOT FUN!


Anyone, out there with similar problems?


Frustrated at Solidworks