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    Color bar settings can not be changed?

    Legt Chevrollier

      I am experiencing a problem during the time dependant cut plot analysis: For some reason, my Color bar has only one color, during the time dependant cut plot analysis. I do not know how to change it.

      But when I create a regular cut plot analysis (without time dependent "checked" in the "General Settings) everything is ok with my Color bar. I can even change it and edit it, by double clicking on it.




      How can I make my Color bar in the time dependant cut plot analysis, to look the same like the one I have in the regular (non-time dependant) cut plot analysis?


      Thank you for the help.

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          David Harrold

          Hi Legt,

          I haven't seen as issue like this before. If you click the color bar range number (the "1.9" in the lower image), are you able to manually change the value of the plot range? I assume you can't do this, because the plot looks fine except for the color bar.


          You can try ctrl-Q (rebuild). You may also want to try updating your Solidworks service pack if you do not have the latest. Let me know if this helps.


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            Adrian Tayne

            I don't have access to dynamic studies but if this were a static study, I would check the scale of your plot as it appears to be set incorrectly. The max and min are the same value. I would adjust this to have the max/min that you are interested in, say 0-2.4 as in the non-time-dependent plot. Can you right-click on the plot in the design tree and select 'Chart Options' and manually adjust? That is what I would do for a static study.