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Help with SW 2007 and Win 7 SNL Trouble.

Question asked by Bud Wilkinson on Dec 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2012 by Bud Wilkinson

So I have been searching and found several folks are successfully running SW 2007 on Win 7.

I have a pretty powerful Win 7 pro 64 bit machine that I would like to switch to for my SW CAD work.

I have a SNL 2 seat license for my copy of SW 2007 Premium. I have this up and running on my older Win XP machine as the server as well as the client. This works without trouble except the XP machine is getting long in the tooth.

I can install everything without error including my snl-email-license.txt file and Solidwork Network License Administrator. When I go to set up the SNL server.

With my dongle installed and recognized by windows, when I set the default server at "25734/myserver" the dongle/port are not found and I recieve the error mesage, "Could not get information from this server:


Either the computer name and/or port number are incorrect or the server is not running or is not on the network.

Are you sure you want to add this server?" at install.



I have set all *.exe files for solidworks to "Run in compatibility mode>WinXP SP3" and "Run as Administrator" as well.

Attached are screenshots of my errors. I am trying to avoid installing winxp mode and virtual machine to keep those resources for solidworks. Others seem to be having success with single seat stand alone editions of SW 2007 without Win XP Mode.

Any help would be appreciated.