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    drawing template changes will not save

    Jim Weatherly

      I can save my drawing templates but the drawing always defaults to ISO and first angle projection.


      I make the change to ANSI and third angle but this will not save.



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          Anna Wood

          Check you File Paths to your Templates under System Options > File Locations


          Also check your settings on System Options > Default Templates





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              Jim Weatherly

              I have checked all of that but they will not save. The borders and every change I make to the sheet format saves but the ANSI and third angle projection settings will not save.


              It always defaults to first angle and ISO.


              I can even save the template with a sketch in it so I know it is saving.


              I know I have been down this road before years ago and it is a simple thing but I cannot remember.


              I know there is a difference between saving the  .slddrt and the .drwdot.

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                  Paul Cullen

                  Hi Jim


                  When you are finished changing  the drafting standard under tools - options, go to document properties tab and then drafting standards select save to external file to save your updated standard, save this to your desired file location (I created a folder called drafting standards). Then under the system options tab go to file locations and select drafting standards for the file types and add the location where you have saved your drafting standard.


                  Now when you go to save your drawing template make sure that in tools - options - document properties tab - drafting standards that you have your new standard selected, when you now save the drawing template it will have your new drawing standard saved as the standard for that template.



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                Jim Weatherly

                I have found my problem.


                I have been doing it backwards. I was trying to drive the drawing template by making changes to the sheet format.

                They are two different things. The drawing template must be changed and then it can be saved as the sheet format.


                As with most tools in SolidWorks there are probably 15 different ways to do it but this is how I straightened it out.


                At the moment, I have only 1 drawing template and multiple sheet formats.

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                  Manuel Campos Costa

                  I think I get it!



                  First I create the drawing template with the drafting standards I want and without any sheet format. Then I save that as .DRWDOT, next put that file in the templates folder (or choose my folder).


                  Then I create all the sheet formats I want and save them! Then I add them to the sheet formats folder.


                  Then I click New->drawings (template I create)-> and the I choose the template I want and I created.



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                      Glenn Schroeder

                      Almost.  You said that you create a drawing template without any sheet format, but when you save your drawing template it is saved with whatever sheet template is active.  I recommend starting a new drawing with your saved drawing template, select a sheet format, and then re-save your drawing template.  I have several drawing templates saved, and they use different sheet formats in addition to differences in Document Properties.


                      I'm not sure why you're getting the dialog box asking for the sheet format when you start a new drawing.  Possibly if you have the box checked for "Show sheet format dialog on add new sheet" at Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings.  Or possibly the sheet format that was active when you saved your drawing template was re-named or moved.

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                          Manuel Campos Costa

                          For the second paragraph I don't have the box checked, from my experiences I observed if I don't have any sheet format associated with the drawing template then it prompts me what sheet format I want to use. Like the standard drawing template of Solidworks.

                          If I open a drawing template that have sheet formats defined I doesn't prompt.


                          I think it's easier if you tell me your procedure to create a drawing.


                          All these time I thought the way was to choose the default drawing template of Solidworks then choose the sheet format I saved before.


                          But now I think the best way is to create a drawing template with all the sheet formats I want like these:Sem Título.png


                          For example A4 landscape and portrait. Then I activate the sheet format I want to insert the model and then I insert the model in the sheet.


                          Is this the correct way? If yes, what is the function of saving sheet formats? When you want to maintain the default drawing template of Solidworks and just want to modify the sheet format?


                          The only differences I see between choosing to save sheet formats or drawing templates is when you want to modify drafting standards.





                          You create a drawing template with no sheet format at all like these:asd.png


                          Then it prompts like I said what sheet format I want to use. This way I can't make the mistake when putting the model in the sheet format I want, and the final drawing file isn't so large because I don't have others sheet formats available.


                          Basically what do you do lol?