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    Create Spline from Line Segments ~Macro?~

    Matt Kadman

      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to find the quickest way to create splines form line segments, I do alot of 2D engraving and currently the text file we have creates many line segments when its exploded. This proves to be very time consuming on the CNC and also the quality is poor. Have a look at the attached pictures, I used "fit spline" to create the splines from line segments. This works great, however this would be very time consuming to do each letter at a time, does anyone have a macro to do this?



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          Kieran Choy

          No macro, but try assigning a shortcut key to Fit Spline


          Tools >> Customize >> Keyboard tab >> in the Search box start typing "Fit Spline" - it should come up

          Double-click in the box and then give it a shortcut key like "P"

          The click OK


          Now box select a letter, or RMB on one line and use "Select chain", then press P, then Enter and the fit spline should be done.


          If you want macro help, try posting this in the API section of the forum