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Display of Part Dimensions in Assembly view after Double-click

Question asked by Nate Parello on Dec 21, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2011 by Scott McFadden

Hello again Solidwork's forums. After not having an active sub for 3 years and just now upgrading to 2012 from 2009, I've had many many questions and this is just one of them.


First off, here are three screenshots that illustrate the issue I am having.


part dimension view.JPG


Assembly Dimension view.JPG



Assembly Dimension view moving.jpg


The first image shows what the dimensions look like on a part after double-clicking on the part.


The second image shows what they look like after double-clicking on a part within the assembly.


The third image shows what happens to the displayed dimensions when I move the view around within the assembly. I chose a different part to do this with in the third view because it had more dimensions to display so it would be more obvious what my problem is. The first two images show the same part, image one is in the part document itself, and image two is double-clicking on the same part within the assembly.



Basically, why are the displayed dimensions all funky in the assembly? The number displays above the dimension line when standing still and move all over the screen when moving the view.