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    save a stress plot color scheme?

    Richard Horstketter

      I'm pretty new to Solidworks after many years in ProE.  People said I'd like SW, and they were right.  But I'm doing a lot of stress simulations, and I don't like the default color scheme for the stress plots.  There are two light blue-green colors right next to each other that are almost indistinguishable on the legend, at least on my screen.  Or maybe it's my well-matured eyes.  Anyway, I'm using user-defined colors to make it easier for me to see the transitions.  I'd like to save a reusable user-defined color scheme so that (a) I don't have to re-define it each time I generate a new plot, and (b) I have my own 'standard' predefined scheme to directly compare different design iterations, and (c) I don't have to remember how I defined it last time.  I hate having to remember stuff.


      I don't see any mechanism for this on help.solidworks.com.  Is there a trick/workaround to accomplish this?

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          Bill McEachern

          Youc an set it up the way you want. go to simulation menue->options->default options->plot/ color options.

          I use descrete for the finge type and as opposed to continuous - which puts descrete color bands that match the legend. You cna also change the color scheme to whatever suits your fancy.

          Also change the options, save everything (if you want), then exit solidworks and restart solidworks. If solidworks crashes before you gracefully exit you will lose the options that you set.


          Be advised that these options once set will only apply to newly created studies. You can change the various options under the appropraie plot option - plot options or settings.

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              Richard Horstketter

              Thanks!  Less squinting = more productive work.  I also set the location of the legend where I like it better.


              I had already found the 'discrete' option, which helped some.  But having colors I can delineate better is a 1000% improvement.


              You know what this means, don't you?  Now that I know where to get good answers, I'm sure to think of more questions.  You've been warned.