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Problem with Design Table

Question asked by John Sanchez on Dec 21, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2011 by John Sanchez

Has anyone ever had any issues with design tables not updating their assembly when using formulas to determine a distance mate? I'll elaborate my situation a bit. I'm using a design table to create configurations and within each configuration a component is located at a different distance from a face that is controlled with a distant mate. Well the DT creates the initial configurations with baseline distances beautifully, but then after some consideration I devise a simple calculation to determine distances for future configs and it fails to update the assembly. The table will read the correct values but the mate in the assembly displays the previous distance. I hope your still with me....


Is there a system option that could be contributing to this? i'm running SW 2011 SP5.0 with Excel 2010...please dont hesitate to ask me to elaborate further and Thanks in advance!