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Hide Planes / Sketches / etc. for individual components

Question asked by Doug Schaefer on Dec 20, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2011 by Doug Schaefer

I have an assy that consists of 3 parts:


  • oldpart_1
  • oldpart_2
  • newpart


All three are different versions of the same part, with 'newpart' being the one I'm working on.  The other two are simply for reference.  I've assembled them all on top of each other, assembled at the origin.  'Newpart' has no geometry, only some planes and sketches common to all.  I need to build a new version that's similar to oldpart_2 (a crude hacked up concept model) and oldpart_1 (the original design).


I want to be able to see the planes and sketches of newpart but none of oldpart_1 and oldpart_2.  Asside from going into oldpart_1 and oldpart_2 adn manually hiding all of the planes and sketches, how can I do this?