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Help with integrating Solidworks into a traditonal drafting class

Question asked by jason hall on Dec 20, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2011 by John Sutherland

I am a new teacher and inherited a basic high school drafting/AutoCad course in Ohio. I decided to switch to SolidWorks last year due to the high cost of AutoCad, and I absolutely love it.


My problem is that my school will begin a new teacher evaluation process whereby a teacher's evaluation is 50% administrator observation and 50% student performance. I am not a career tech/vocational education teacher so I may only have students for a semester or maybe a semester their freshman year and a semester their senior year. I would use the CSWA exam but I may not have a student long enough for them to learn enough to pass all of it. I was wondering if there were other teachers out there who use SolidWorks and have to show student performance as part of ther evaluations, and how they are able to do it.