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Is there a way to use Windows Search inside the vault?

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by Chad K.

One of the disappointments I had when I started using our EPDM installation was that the Windows Search feature seems to be disabled (or not enabled) for searching inside a vault.


I and many others here had developed the habit of finding files in folders by typing the part number into the search field at the upper right of the Windows 7 Explorer window.  This was a very quick and easy way to isolate the specific file we wanted, and by leaving off the last number it would list all the files in a ten-file range, etc.  A very handy feature indeed which seems to be completely non-functional within the vault.


This fact leaves us to find a file within a vault folder by tediously scrolling up and down until it appears in the visible screen.  Sorting by columns can help in some cases but if we're just looking for a specific file name (part number), scrolling seems to be the only way.  Using an EPDM search is not really a viable option as it generally takes at least 5 seconds to open the search window, which is no savings in time.


Anyway, complaining aside, if there's a way that I'm not aware of that I can get the Windows search feature to work inside the vault I would greatly appreciate a heads-up.  It would save a great deal of time and tedious, carpal-tunnel-inducing scrolling.