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remote PDM (hosted workgroup?) installation

Question asked by Michael Hess on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2011 by Michael Wallom

Hello All:


we have three independent engineers in three locations getting together for a few weeks for a faced paced project and we're looking for a PDM solution. None of us wants to locally run a server and deal with the firewalls/remote access, and once the project is done we will disband. There's no need to manage the files beyond the few weeks - they will be removed from that server.


Has anybody installed workgroup on a remote server (ie a physical location you cannot get to with a DVD)? Is that an straight-forward task to undertake? Or are there services that allow you to rent workgroup access for a few months? Is it any different if you're not using workgroup but go to a bigger PDM system?


We'd be running SW2011.


I am aware of Dassault's n!Fuze, but haven't been clear as to where that would fit in, or whether people are happy using it.

My support guy just stated "that's PLM not PDM."



Thank You for any pointers,