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Part disappearing...

Question asked by Ryan Stirling on Dec 19, 2011
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I have a fairly large assembly I have been working on for several months with no problems. Last week one particular part has been disappearing from the top level assembly. If I dig down thru the assemblies the part will not show up. It is not suppressed or hidden, it is missing from the assembly and the tree. I have tried several reboots to no avail. I have opened the top level assembly on a neighboring computer and it opens with no problem. I then opened the specific part and renamed it, and replaced it in the subassembly. It still does not show up on my computer. We have SW 2012 but have not installed it yet. Does this issue showup in 2012?


Thoughts, comments?


I am running:

Xeon(R) X5355 @ 2.66GHz Dual Processor


64 Bit

Windows 7, Service Pack 1

NVidea Quadro 2000 with driver:

SW 2010 SP 4.0