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Disappearing sketch points when editing a part in an assembly

Question asked by Anthony Macke on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2011 by Anthony Macke

hello all,

     this isnt a major problem, just something thats been bugging me. I've come to notice that when i am editing a part in an assembly, and am using the hole wizard to add holes, my sketch points keep disappearing. they are still there, i just cant see them. i can make them appear again if i drag a big selection box over where the points are located, but they disappear immediately after i put my relations in for any of the points. so it's like, get one point constrained, disappear, big selection box to find points, get one point constrained, dissappear, big selection box to find points, etc. etc. Like i said its not a major malfunction, but it has been tied to partially being the cause of a couple of our parts getting holes put in them that they arent supposed to have.


     anybody notice this same problem? or know of a way to make them stop disappearing?


thanks in advance