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Moving parts that were built in assembly file?

Question asked by Alexander Vinson on Dec 18, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by Satish Kumar

I have an assembly file, and I am creating new parts within the assembly. The new parts are created with an "InPlace" mate. Then I created some features on the new part that have references to the other parts, such as dimensions. Everything is fine.


I want to be able to move the new part, to check for clearance issues, so I create a new configuration. I suppress the mates in the new configuration and move the part. Everything seems to work until I press the Rebuild button then the parts get all messed up. I know there are some references lingering around but dont want to have to manually suppress or lock each mate / feature.


Is there an easier way to test movement and clearance in an assembly? A proper workflow?