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Default Properties in Custom Property Tabs

Question asked by Kevin Elliott on Dec 16, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2011 by Kevin Elliott

I'm trying to set up a Radio Button control to dictate whether a linked piece of text reads a default property or a custom property. I want to dictate whether a piece of text reads the default property for Sheet Scale or reads the custom value "NONE" for the sheet scale. I have a radio button where the first value is the nomenclature for the sheet scale "SW-Sheet Scale(Sheet Scale)" and the second button has a value of "NONE" as shown in the screen shot attached. This seemed to have worked as I would have thought, but for some reason, the default sheet scale won't update if I change it in the sheet properties. It only remembers the original scale the sheet was when I open the template. Is there any way to fix this, or even a reason as to why it happens?