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    Bump/Jump Revisions SPR submitted

    Chris Storm

      Hi everyone,


      I know I've read others here discuss the need for the bump/jump revision feature.  So far, this feature still is not in Enterprise.  I've sent a SPR for the enhancement.  Please vote for this feature to get this up on their list of importance.



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          Michael LaFleche

          Chris, CAPINC has written a Bump/Jump Add-in for EPDM.  Let me know if you are interested in obtaining it.

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            Arto Kvick

            Quite easy way is to make "Bump Revision" Loop on the workflow... make the return transition automatic... makes the life easier.

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                Benjamin Abshire

                Chris, I have also used "Bump Revision", up or down, loops in workflows. The problem with this approach is the number or versions it creates and the history it leaves behind. We have done many Pro-E to SolidWorks conversion projects that required us to start at a specific revision and have that revision be the only one indicated in the history table; initially released at rev B for example.


                For this, I too have written a Jump Revision tool that allows me to set the revision of any file in the vault to anything I want with/or without indicating such in the history table. It does so correctly, such that the next time the document is revised and released the next revision letter will be correct.


                Conversion Example:

                Drawing 123456 is to be released for the first time in the Vault at rev D.

                I would set the revision of the Drawing to C and elect not to show this revision in the history table

                When the drawing is then released and the workflow increments the revision, voilá, everything says rev D.

                The next time it is changed and released again, everything say rev E.


                If you interested in obtaining the Jump Revision Tool configured for your specific vault, please send a request to epdmapi@yahoo.com.