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piping - pipe disappearing at sketch exit, elbow fillet not there

Question asked by Terry Kim on Dec 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by Terry Kim

i don't know why, but sometimes (not all the time - which makes it weirder), the pipe disappears at my sketch exit. 

on my other pipe configurations it will allow me to have an open-ended pipe, but sometimes is won't. anyone know why? what am i doing differently sometimes? any help would be appreciated.  also, and again only sometimes, my elbow fillets disappear.  before, the 90 deg elbow was automatically created during my route sketch when i make perpendicular turns, but now it keeps saying the sketch fillet has been erased and i have to manually stick in a sketch fillet.


i'm using sw '11 premium x64 sp 4.0.


thanks.  pics are of while editing route, then right after i exit the edit