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Yet Another Property Tab Question

Question asked by perry leets on Dec 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by Denny Metcalf

I have a custom property in my drawing called "DrawingName". Its value is set to $PRP:"SW-File Name(File Name)" which in turn evaluates to the current drawing name (draw1 etc.).


What I am attempting to do is get the tab builder to display the current drawing name in the text box (which is derived from $PRP:"SW-File Name(File Name)" ) which would allow the user to keep that default value OR give the drawing a new name by typing it in the text box. Doing so would of course would cause the "DrawingName" property to be manually set, rather than be linked to the SW internal variable.


I would like to create a text box in my property tab builder that links to the property "DrawingName" and displays what it EVALUATES to, i.e. "draw1".

However, what gets displayed in the text box when the tab pane displays in SW is $PRP:SW-File Name(File Name), not what it evaluates to. Also  note that the quotes get stripped out. This then displays $PRP:SW-File Name(File Name) in the drawing name field of my drawing.


I hope I have explained this well enough to get my message across, does anyone know how to accomplish this?