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PDMWorks backwards compatible

Question asked by Jeff Hamilton on Dec 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2011 by Jeff Hamilton

I just put in an enhancement request and thought I'd run it by everyone here.


I just put in a request to make PDMWorks backwards compatible, like the license server.

Depending upon the workload it can take several days to get all of my users upgraded to the latest version of Solidworks. If I upgrade the vault first, then no one has access to it until they're upgraded. If I do it last (which I usually do) then my primary users (also last on the list) have access to the vault until they're upgraded, which is shortly before I do PDM.

If PDMWorks were backwards compatible, like the license server, I could upgrade it at the same time as the license server and everyone would still have uninterrupted access while they're waiting to be upgraded.


Note: Because of access restrictions, etc. I have to upgrade everyone individually. A mass rollout does not work.


Any comments?