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Forming tool and punches in a curve sheet metal

Question asked by Claudio Stammitti on Dec 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Steve Crompton

Hello there


I work at a electric transformer manufacturing company, as some may know, many designs are cilindrical shaped tanks, like those you see hanging in a post. So most of the holes an cuts on this tank are made after the sheetmetal is rolled and weld, and are done through a punching machines which can either cut an deform the rolled sheet metal. I imagine using a forming tool in rolle dsheetmetals is a common feature in many industries.


The thing is that I found out that SW does not allow forming tools nor punches in curved sheetmetals faces, only flat faces. That is a major stepback por us, and we really need a workaround to solve this, otherwise we could not design all our single phase trasnformers production line. We try unbending the metal part, then using the forming tool, but it would not bend back. I also know that the flatten feature would not flat the deformed metal as a result of the deforming tool, but that is not a issue.


Any ideas on this has been solved?


Thanks in advance