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Adding a simple flexible tube without fittings

Question asked by Stuart Field on Dec 14, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by Peter De Vlieger

I want to add a flexible tube between two parts in an assembly. For the purpose of discussion, we can take these two parts to be blocks, each with a 1/2" diameter hole in them. I don't want to add an actual fitting at either end (the tubes will be soldered in). Here's what I'm doing so far, but there are several problems I'm having:


1. Under the Tubing tab, click on Start at Point.

2. Click on the circular edge of one of the holes. This sets up one of the C-points. I choose Reverse Direction to make the arrow point out of the part if it points in.

3. Select tubing to match the hole diameter.

4. Click on the green checkmark.

5. Fill in some route properties. I actually just check "use flexible hoses" and set the bend radius. Then click the green checkmark.


Now here's the first place at which things are counterintuitive. How do I set up the other C-point at the hole in the other part? Here's what I did:


6. Click on Add Point. Select the circular edge of the second hole. Make sure its vector points out (I'm not sure whether this matter).