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.SAT -> SW ->Optimized .SAT

Question asked by Jerry Bryant on Dec 14, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by Anna Wood

We use SmartPlant3D here.....and we get alot of the Vendors 3D models via .SAT. We want to use these Vendro SAT files within SP3D, however, the file sizes, and level of coplexity (holes, internals, nuts, bolts,etc) casue huge problems when importing into SP3D.



We are thinking of using Soildworks to "dumb down", optimize, etc....these files to only basic external external surfaces....then recreating the SAT file of this "smaller", less complicated object.


1. Import .SAT file into Solidworks
2. Optimize the model (reduce complexity, internals, holes, etc)
3. Export a SAT file
4. Import the SAT file into SP3D


Does SOildworks have any tools that will allow us to optimize these models?