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mating a part from sub Assembly to the part in a Assembly

Question asked by reeshi pradhan on Dec 14, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by Troy Peterson


It's hard to explain, but I will try my best.


I have sub-assy "A" with two components. One (component X) is fixed (fully defined) another(Component Y) is under defined. Position of Part Y in Sub-Assy A will know only when you add Sub-Assy A to the Main Assy B. That means one componet of B mate with Y on A and fully defined the position of Y. Y is fully defined in Assy -B but when I open Sub-A, I can move Y anywhere. It wont be problem if I wouldn't have to create Drawing of Sub-A. Because position of Y on drawing should be based up on Assy-B but drawing is of Sub-A.


I already used solve as flexible option to perform all steps I explained.