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    Failed to add file

    perry leets

      Starting yesterday I started getting error messages from enterprise pdm everytime I try to save a new drawing file.

      It reads:

      "Failed to add the new file to the vault.

      Description='The file format is not recognized."


      However, a second later, it IS added. I recently edited the associated sheet format (.slddrt) but I dont see how adding or removing

      an entity or property could cause such an error.

      Anyone know anything about this?



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          perry leets

          Figured it out, odd behaviour seems buggy to me. Heres the note I wrote to myself...


          In the sheet format template (.slddrt) dates which are to initially appear blank on a drawing must actually be formatted as "text", otherwise you will get an error upon initially saving them to pdm. Pdm will save them even after the error, but will delete any empty date fields. This of course then shows error text on a drawing which is linking to the non-existant date fields (if "show annotation link errors" is turned on). If using the custom property tab builder to fill in these dates, you can still have the field formatted as "date" in the tab builder and when it is executed it will convert the "text" format of the property to a date format and give it a proper value so that pdm will not complain about it. Coincidentally, the custom property tab builder will also delete all your dates which are formatted as text as soon as its panel is selected. That, of course will then dispay all the error text on your drawing until you use the tab builder to add proper dates to the fields. If you want SOME of the dates to show blank on your drawing, you will then have to switch away from the tab builder and manually edit your custom properties changing some of the date formatted fields back to text. It looks as if the "convenience" of using the calander control in the tab builder just causes more inconvenience.