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Data card info missing when saving?

Question asked by Brian Scruggs on Dec 14, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by Brian Scruggs

Hello everyone, going to put this out here in hopes that someone can help me understand what I must be doing wrong!


We are upgrading from SW & PDM 2009 sp4 to SW & PDM 2012 sp1.  I am doing some 'testing' to check the functionality of our custom macros but I ran across this most unusual problem.  I tried to capture as many screenshots as I could to help explain and show our setup so I hope that helps!


The issue is this : When a drawing is saved it loses the 'Part Number' information on the data card.  This happens on both new saves & old parts being loaded and re-saved.  Parts designed and saved in 09 are loaded and saved (no changes made) and the card loses the value that it had in it before it was saved!  New parts are made and everything seems fine on the drawing then when saved the card data is not there!  But only in the one field?  The 'Description' fields are set up the same way and they appear to be working normally?


I tend to believe there is a disconnect somewhere but I have verified that all of our settings are the same as they were when on '09 (maybe that is the issue, something has changed most likely).  I also double-checked that the PDM add-in is enabled in SW.  Anyone else see this issue or see what I may be doing wrong in my screenshots below?


Any and all help is most appreciated!