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    Two or more vaults... data access between them

    Don McBride

      Hi everybody


      We are moving to Solidworks 2011 and EPDM 2011, as being purchase by another company whom have had Solidworks and EPDM for about 18 months, at the moment

      we have two main vaults on a server about 800km's away and a second server ( archive I think ) with the two vaults which are replicated back to the main server


      Question is can you share data between the vaults, or is there a work around... as in the future we could be working on a product together.... or is the answer to decided who's vault the work will be done in and for one of the parties to login to the other's vault and work within their's ?   Or how would you do it ?


      Also are you able to make/install a test vault on an archive server, without it showing on the main server ?


      Many Thanks  Don

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          Jeff Sweeney

          You'll notice it is a pretty big divide between vaults.


          You can have a vault view for both vaults on your client machine, so you could drag/drop files from one to another. However as far as the vault with the new file is concerned, it is a new file with no history.


          I know people that work this way. Many find it difficult to keep track of which vault they are working with and sometimes build assemblies containing files from both vaults. While this is certainly technically possible, in real life, it is pretty messy.


          If you intend to work together on projects, you'll want to have one vault. Though as a warning, combining vaults can be rather tricky. If you want to keep the history, I've found no other way than to do it with programming.