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    Electro Magnetic Simulation.

    Steve Ranner


      Would anyone have any experiances with this add-on from?




      A group of our researchers are interested in exploring it's capabilities.


      I was wondering if any forum members out there are putting it to use.


      Mostly interested in the EMS http://www.emworks.com/product/preview/1 component.



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          Timothy Holman

          Not sure if you are going to solidworks world or not but they usually have a booth set up there.  I had a very interesting conversation and demonstration showing the capabilites of the program.  If you are going to be in San Diago in Feb. I would recomend stopping by their booth. 

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              Steve Ranner

              Can't make SWW this year. We are on a 2 year cycle hopefully 2013.

              They do have a booth at the Applied Power Electronics Conference in Feb 2012.

              We are attending so will look them up.

              We have secured a 7 day license/ demo for early Jan so at least we will get a chance to test drive it.

              Thanks for the suggestion about sww. Maybe I can persuade the boss to let us attend