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New to simulation- gravity related setup question

Question asked by Tyler Kemp on Dec 13, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2011 by Tyler Kemp

Hi guys, gals


I have a question related to setting up a study for a gravity related simulation. I have just began recently trying to kind of navigate the simulation bundle of the software and I think i have come to a place in one of my designs that i feel could be analyzed through a gravity study. Problem is because i really havent had any training and cant really find answers through the tutorials and such , i was hoping I could lean on the forum here to maybe get me pointed in the correct direction. Im certainly not looking for anyone to do my work for me, but i would like to learn none-the-less. So heres my question.


I have designed a simple hopper that will rest between two structural beams. The hopper will utilize some formed brackets that will rest on the top of these beams. What i would like to "Study" is the amount of stress or fatigue the brackets will experience with just its own gravitational mass pulling it down. Ive tried a few things but have not had any success in getting a result.


Thus far i have made my "fixture" the two bottom faces that will rest on the beams and made my gravity the top plane of the model. I get a good mesh , but when i try to run the analysis i either get an error about inadequate relations (ive tried the soft spring and inertial releif ) or it just simply wont solve.


hopper sim.jpg

Any suggestions ?


Thanks in advance