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    IGES File

    Srea Y

      I'm getting loads of files as IGES files or Catia files. Can anyone help how to edit them or see dimensions of item. I'm working on "featureworks", but it not regenerate any feature.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Your option would be to use the measure tool




          Try one of the add-in listed here: Import files for SolidWorks

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            Scott McFadden


            If you bring them in as IGES files then all you will get are dumb solids.  Meaning

            no features and no dimensions.  Depending on what the parts look like featureworks

            works best on straight forward machined type parts.  Doesn't work well with curvey surface

            type parts.


            If the files are coming from Catia directly then you can open them up directly in Solidworks.


            You still wont end up with dimensions, but at least you will have features that

            you can go through and dimension.