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Add-in targeting multi version of PDM

Question asked by Francis Harvey on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by Francis Harvey

Hi All,


I experience error when i load add-in in my pdm server,


I didn't notice and test every thing after the installation of the new client on my machine but it seem that my add-in doesn't work with PDM 2011.


Is there a way to target every version of EPDM, from 20yy to 20xx,


The Interop.EDMLib.dll is 5.15 on the new version and 5.14 on the old, and after changing the reference, it seem to be unable to load the add-in on old version of PDM.


Am I missing something or add-in are really version sensitive?


Can I tell my add-in to be PDM version independant...?


Should I compile the same add-in multiple time by changing the EdmLib version and keeping the interop dll into different folder?


What a mess...!