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Question asked by Yoshihiro DOBASHI on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by Anne Yust

Hi, SWCN Committee

As you know,Next year, SWW2012 will be held in San Diego.
I tried to go there for winning SolidWorks Beta contest.

Becous of, Winner can go the SWW.

But it could become a reality.

I'm sorry for SWCN member.


We,SWCN has no sponsor in Japan.

SolidWorks Japan is not sponsor for us,now.

On join the SWUGN, SolidWorks Japan said us that SolidWorks Japan does not help to help  for SWW and the other issue.

That's true.

We must admit that.

Becouse of , Joinning the SWUGN is the most impiortant issue in that time.


Now, We are only SWUGN Committee in Asia.

The situation has change.

What do they think that we are only committee in asia and we can not go to SWW as Asia committee now?

What does the SWUGN think about this condition?

I am unhappy and worried.


The only choice,

Win the SolidWorks Beta contest next year?