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sketch warning

Question asked by perry leets on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2011 by perry leets

This really is not specific to weldments, but its where its popping up now so...

I have a 3D sketch I'm using for a base weldment. After making a few mods I'm now getting the little alert triangle next to the sketch item in feature tree. Hovering over it, it says that the sketch contains dimensions or relations that no longer extist, blah blah.

There are only ten lines in this sketch. I have examined ever line and endpoint, none show any "danglers". The sketch is fully constrained and does not move in any axis, yet I still have this annoying alert. Its a minor annoyance in the part file, but its a major annoyance in the drawings where I have a dozen different views, all with the same alert because they all link back to this part. It would be nice if SW actually told you precisely what is wrong, or highlighted the offending entity (which it sometimes does with the "dangling" color/linetype. but there are no danglers shown in my sketch)

Does anyone have any tips for remedying this situation?