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    Setting Constant Fluid Temp in model

    dink dinkler

      Hey guys, I have a heat transfer model that is a bit of an odd-ball here.


      So I have an enclosure with some hot components within and I will have the following:

      - very low pressure air so very little convective heat transfer

      - unpredictable air flow, so I will have to assume stagnation

      - virtually constant air exchange which would dictate a constant and low steady state air temperature.


      My hot component, I need to determine the "touch temperature" at the exterior of the insulation with an estimated heat loss @ 125W.


      So currently if I input zero air-flow, the model goes until it reaches a steady-state air temperature through the entire computationl domain.

      But if I input an air-flow to mimic the exchange, I end up with hot and cold spots on the surface of my hot component.


      I need this model for a worse case scenario heat loss / touch temp model.


      Any ideas?