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Heat transfer through simple object

Question asked by Sean MacLeod on Dec 11, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by Brian Zias

I am new to the simulation part of solidworks and am having trouble. I have tried to find a tutorial on how do to what I need but my case is so over simplified that all of the help is more advanced than my problem. The problem is:

I have a triangular geometry with corners at a fillet ( my shape is irrelevant, i just need the process so lets treat it as it's a wall). I am trying to simulate the heat transfer through this "wall" by heating one side. I need one side of the wall to be at lets say 1600 K and need to know how it transfers through the wall and view the transient solution until it reaches equillibrium. Can anyone help with this simple problem? If you need more details just ask.