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How to reduce penetration in solid works analysis

Question asked by Akash Vandakudri on Dec 9, 2011
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I am doing nonlinear FE analysis for press fit and coining process. I see whn I complete both the analysis, some parts do have penetration within the adjacent bodies.


I tried changing the friction, but still every thing looks same. In Ansys, there was some thing call nomal stiffness and penetation tolerance and which would control the penetration.


Let me know about it, if there is any setting in this solid works simulation (FE analysis), As I need to solve problem and if penetration exist then there is no point in increasing the load and also there will be chew in resultant force. As much of the force is decipated due to this.


Is mesh an important criteria in this issue. As if you reduce mesh size will it reduce penetration and increases the contact pressure in that region..



Akash A vandakudri