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    Drawing Print Anomaly

    Ryan Chambers

      I have a user that is trying to print a drawing and on one of the sheets the following happens...


      Print Anomaly.png


      It is taking a screenshot and placing it in the top left corner of this drawing. This happens on both the actual print and print preview but this does not show up when viewing the drawing in SW . I have tried printing the same drawing on a different machine and it does not do this. Has anybody else run into this before?


      We are currently running SW11 SP3 64-bit on Windows 7 machines but apparently this has happened in the past on older machines/versions of SW.

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          Scott McFadden


          Welcome to the forum.

          I am running the same version of SW as you.

          The closest I have come is I had a drawing a few weeks back that extra center lines that

          only showed up on the print preview and in the actual print, but like you, not the actual drawing.

          I ended up recreating the drawing to make it go away.  The only other thing I can suggest is if this

          is only happening on the one machine and not others, copy the settings through the copy settings wizard

          and install those settings on the machine this is not working on.



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            Anna Wood

            Assuming you have had him restart his computer?


            That is usually the first thing to try.





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              Ryan Chambers

              None of the above. Anybody else?


              We have moved on at this point by just completing the EC on another machine but I'm sure it will come back up at some point.

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                  Alan Stoldt



                  We have had some funky prints when the "HIGH QUALITY" option is checked. Unchecking it results in what one would expect. Same type of thing though, it would print fine from another machine.


                  Running an alternate CAD program now, so it may be called something different, but worth checking and an easy fix.





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                  Ryan Chambers

                  Although I think this is far from figuring it out, the solution was to remove the embedded spreadsheet (Excel 2003) from the drawing. I removed the spreadsheet and it printed without the screenshot in the upper corner. The only reason I tried this is because we have had other issues with embedded 2003 Excel tables in our drawings (that's another story). Usually removing the 2003 table and copying and inserting it as a 2007 Excel spreadsheet fixed those issues. Our document control group loves that one...


                  What I still don't understand is why this issue did not occur on my machine where it did on 2 others. We are all running Office 07 on Windows 7 machines.


                  Thanks for all of the input!