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How to explode a multibody part into an assembly

Question asked by Claudio Stammitti on Dec 9, 2011
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by Greg Mastro

Hello there, I'm kind of new to SW, we are moving from Pro/E after 6 years struggling against it and its disappointig tech support, so we decided to change our design software and go for EPDM too.


Now that we are re-creating our design data base, we see lots of potential in multi-body concept, The new 2012 allows to create an exploded view in the multibody part easier than 2011. The thing is, I need to insert this multi body part into an assemblie to put in some standard parts, toolbox elements, etc. Then I need to create a fully detail drawing of this assembly where I also want an exploded view of this assembly with its BOM. But I can't manage to explode the multibody into this assembly, as is treated as a rigid part, nor I can activate the multibodys part internal exploded view into this assembly.


Any ideas on how to achieve this, any other workarounds like derived parts in the multi body (I've briefly reviewed this method, but so far I notice that when you insert a derived part, making a new solid in the multisolid part it kind of looses it custom parameters of the standard part, when I edit the part list at the solids folder to configure every solid parameter)


I apologyse for my spell or any error.


We are an electrical transformer manufacturing company at Venezuela


Thank you all in advance