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Steve Takata PDF export macro question

Question asked by Matthew Phaneuf on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2011 by Matthew Phaneuf

To Steve (or anyone who ran the macro he provided in a previous post)


Not ever having used Task Scheduler in PDMW before, I *think* I screwed up because I see this Capture01.PNG

and nothing is buzzing, spinning, whirring, or smoking. When I created this Task I *think* this is where I went wrong. Under "Program path" I changed the macro to end in .exe b/c thats what the browse button is looking for. When I saw "Macro file path" I typed in what I unzipped from Steve off the prior post - the .swp file, but it wouldn't take. The space stays blank; it dosn't populate after I browse and find the .swp file.. Am I doing this wrong? Please help!!! Thanks



***UPDATE I deleted this one and created a new one -everything stuck - still nothing. I think my question is just a general "How do you make Task Scheduler do this??" Thanks