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Hardware or part replacement from folder to EPDM vault

Question asked by Brad Joseph on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by Ravi Teja

Currently i'm trying to plan ahead of a PDM integration. I've posted before regarding combining vaults or using 1 single vault. One of our companies currently uses PDM Enterprise, we do not, but soon will. They use hardware downloaded from McMaster essentially. I spent some time and "stole" the hardware from toolbox, and created the configurations with all the screws we would need, such as #8 Pan Head - Phillips 316. Currently, myself and a couple of engineers here that are using solidworks are using these groups of screws, which we drag from the design library.


I've been trying to test with EPDM, and have added all of these hardware items into the vault. Now if i plan to check in all of our parts an assemblies done with these screws, etc. how can I bring this all into the vault. I want the screws to reference whats in PDM and not whats in our other drive outside of the vault. I know i can pack and go everything and uninclude the hardware, but the assembly still references the parts in the outside drive. I also know i can use solidworks explorer to replace the hardware, one at a time, very time consuming.


Is there another, faster, better way to do this?


I also know i could change the file path, and wait till the vault version asks where the parts are, again time consuming and i would have to up the assemblies to make sure everyone was correct. Is there any easier or better way to do this?