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EPDM Serial Numbering Question

Question asked by Kevin Stickels on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2011 by ben deng

I am looking for some insight regarding the Serial Number format in EPDM. While the majority of our numbering systems are simply a leading identifier (for example "G"), followed by the date, followed by the counter (001, 002, 003,...etc.) we have a situation where the numbering system has some intelligence (i.e. "hybrid"). In this example, the number is the MRP/ERP "Product Code" (2 char alpha-num) followed by the "Group Code" (3 char numeric) followed by a counter (4 digits numeric) that resets to "0" for each Prod/Group combination. Here is an example;


Product Code = L1, (or L2, L3...)

Group Code = 010, (or 025, 050...)


Serial # would be: L10100001....L10100002...etc. then if Prod Code/ Group Code are different (for ex. L9 and 999, resp.) the numbering would be L99990001....0002....etc.


Is there any way to map this type of serialization in EPDM? At worst case (so far) I would like to Serial Number the Variable "Prod Code" + "Group Code" + counter. Anyone out there ever run into a similar situation? Need some input relatively quickly. At the moment, I have an Item Master with 4200 entries and I would really like to automate the numbering before it gets too big.