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MoldTech textures V Solidowrks

Question asked by Jason Hester on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2011 by Jason Hester

Afternoon Guys & Girls,

I have a question for the masses.


I'm currently trying to apply a texture to a part in photoview 360, which is easily done.

But I'm trying to specifically represent a particular texture out of a reference book which doesn't seem to corilate with numbers used in Solidworks.


Firstly, I'm presuming that the texture references in Solidowrks are taken from a collaboration with MoldTech (texturing company) and Solidworks?

Which makes sense as the prefix of MT normally relates to a Mold Tech texture.


I’m looking at apply textures in rendering and the texture numbers mentioned in Solidworks all begin with a 10 reference whereas the hardcopy Moldtech Plaques we have in the office all begin with 9’s.


Does  anyone know if there is any cross references for these textures or are they simply for visual indication only?


Look forward to a bit of communal knowledge!