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Copy Tree Error w/ Enterprise PDM 2011 -- HELP!

Question asked by Keith Krasnowski on Dec 7, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by Keith Krasnowski

We are in the process of transitioning to SolidWorks EPDM and are struggling a bit.  When trying to export a file and its references using the Copy Tree command, I  encounter an error...or the machine up and crashes depending on the selected option within the Copy Tree dialog window. 



SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, 2011 SP1:

Server: Windows Server 2008, 64bit

Client: Windows 7, 64 bit.


First, when attempting to export using the Copy Tree tool to a .zip folder, I get the following error:

" The compression program arguments given in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM's settings dialog box are invalid."




If the "Copy Files to Folder" option is selected, the files are copied to the specified directory, but the status bar never closes and Explorer locks up.  A few moments later, the whole computer locks up and crashes.  When watching the resource monitor under the Task Manager, there is a very steady increase in memory allocation until the memory is full and everything goes hinky.  There is no way to stop the inevitable consumption of the memory short of killing the Explorer Task and then rebooting the computer.


Needless to say, this makes getting files and their references out of the PDM system rather cumbersome.   Any help?