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    Copy Tree Error w/ Enterprise PDM 2011 -- HELP!

    Keith Krasnowski

      We are in the process of transitioning to SolidWorks EPDM and are struggling a bit.  When trying to export a file and its references using the Copy Tree command, I  encounter an error...or the machine up and crashes depending on the selected option within the Copy Tree dialog window. 



      SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, 2011 SP1:

      Server: Windows Server 2008, 64bit

      Client: Windows 7, 64 bit.


      First, when attempting to export using the Copy Tree tool to a .zip folder, I get the following error:

      " The compression program arguments given in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM's settings dialog box are invalid."




      If the "Copy Files to Folder" option is selected, the files are copied to the specified directory, but the status bar never closes and Explorer locks up.  A few moments later, the whole computer locks up and crashes.  When watching the resource monitor under the Task Manager, there is a very steady increase in memory allocation until the memory is full and everything goes hinky.  There is no way to stop the inevitable consumption of the memory short of killing the Explorer Task and then rebooting the computer.


      Needless to say, this makes getting files and their references out of the PDM system rather cumbersome.   Any help?

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          Keith Krasnowski

          Update, but very little progress:


          After spending several hours with our VAR tech support (who happens to be very good),  it appears that there is a bug that causes a crash (due to a horribly fast consuming memory bleed) when attempting to use Copy Tree to a folder (not zipped).  I am wondering how widespread this bug is since it doesn’t show up in my the search in the forums .  I can replicate the problem (every time) on another XP machine as well, so it is not just Windows 7.


          The crash happens anytime we are exporting with Copy Tree from PDM and a non-SolidWorks File is added to as a reference to a file AND a SolidWorks file added to the same reference, or any combination of non-SolidWorks files references-- as a reference to or referenced by-- a SolidWorks file.


          Second Issue:


          I still can’t get the Copy Tree to a compressed file to work either.  In going into the PDM Settings, under the tab for Zip Program, the fields are blank.  I tried pointing it to PowerArchiver, but don’t know what to add in the box for “Arguments to the Zip program:” box.  The help files and Installation guide are worthless.


          Out of frustration, I broken down and bought and installed WinZip.  However, after all of that, clicking the “Use Default” button returns an error: “Please install WinZip first”.  I ALREADY DID!  After a few more hours of searching the web, I am no closer to solving this and as a last ditch effort, installed the WinZip Command Line Utility Add-on—to no avail. 


          This is where a long string of profanity emanating from my office can be heard in within a 3 block radius.  So WTF? 

          Does anyone know how to manually enter/configure the Arguments to the Zip Program for WinZip?

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              Tor Iveroth

              Hi Keith,

              I'm sorry that Copy Tree is giving you trouble.


              For the first issue with the memory leak, from what I can see in our support system you VAR has already reported this for your company and we have linked it to a known SPR (bug report):

              SPR 526217 "Copy tree on file with user defined reference to a slddrw file with 'show as sub parent' option enabled leads to explorer.exe leaking memory / crash"


              It can happen in some cases if you have a file with a user defined reference to a file that is enabled as a "sub-parent" drawing node (i.e. slddrw by default), copy tree will hang, explorer will start leaking memory  and eventually crash.


              The sub-parent settings are controlled via the File Types settings in the Administration tool.


              For the Winzip arguments, this issue is still being investigated by your VAR/SolidWorks tech support. It seems that if you install Winzip after EPDM is already installed, the "Use default" button fails to work.


              The default arguments would look like this:


              The arguments will differ depending on what compression tool you use and can usually be found in the help for appropriate tool. The argument string seen above should work for 64-bit Winzip as well provided you update the path to the application.


              I downloaded the latest Winzip and installed it on a 64-bit WIndows 7 system. The following arguments work ok with it and Copy Tree generates a zip file without any errors.



              -Tor Iveroth, EPDM support.

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              Keith Krasnowski

              The arguments provided for Winzip did work…sorta.  However, these copied the entire folder tree from the very top level down to the files, resulting in multiple levels of folders within folders within folders.  I played around with the aurgments to rectify this to no avail. 


              The simple solution:  7-zip.  (And besides, it is free opposed to Winzip.)  This works on both 32bit and 64 bit machines.


              The arguments for the copy to zip folder are:  a %1 %2


              This copies just the related files into a .zip directory.  These same arguments work the same with Power Archiver too. 


              Now, if DS/Solidworks could just fix the memory bleed bug we would be all set.